Tim Pietrusky


I've received an E-Mail from Chris Coyier some days ago:

December 15, 2012

Thanks for being such an awesome community member on CodePen. I don't know if you saw, but I toggled your account over to have PRO features. It's in beta. We aren't doing a very good job of keeping it a secret but that's the idea for at least until next week.

The feature list is here:

Would love to hear any thoughts or bugs you find (as usual)! =)

How awesome is that? Fucking awesome indeed!

What I love!

1. Private Pens

Finally I don't have to use (very slow) jsfiddle again, because I can work on my stuff in private and release it later. Nice.

CodePen PRO - Private Pen

2. Pro & Hire Me buttons

It feels so professional, but it's just a bunch of stupid buttons, right? Awesome!

CodePen PRO - Pro & Hire Me buttons

3. Two new Share options: Professor & Collab

You can share a link to Professor/Collab mode with the share button.

CodePen PRO - Two new Share options: Professor & Collab

So what's the difference?

As a Professor you can teach a class and the user can chat with you.

CodePen PRO - Professor

In Collab you can programm with other people on the same code and you can chat with each other.

What do you get?

6 new features

  1. Private Pens - Keep Work Secret
  2. Live View - Auto Updating Previews Across Browsers / Devices
  3. Hire me button - Freelance
  4. Professor Mode - Teach a Class
  5. Collab Mode - Pair Programming
  6. Multiple External Resources - Add as many resources as you like

+ Bonus stuff

  • All advertisements will be removed for you and for others viewing your profile
  • Your work stands a higher chance of being featured through CodePen's algorithms
  • Fucking awesome PRO button on your profile page / lists :D


What are you waiting for? GET PRO!

This is the chance of your life! Do it now.


December 21, 2012