Tim Pietrusky

We Love Icon Fonts

Do you ever wanted to use a specific icon font on your website, but without the need of uploading it to your server?

Then you might want to take a look at my latest project:


A free hosting service for icon fonts. It's really that simple.


You can fork this on GitHub.


Stuff you can do

  • Add icon fonts to your collection (like you would with Google Web fonts)
  • Use icon fonts on your website

Stuff you can't do

  • Create your custom icon font (like you would with Fontello)
  • Generate a @font-face (like you would with Fontsquirrel)

Optimized for "small" screens

We Love Icon Fonts - Optimized for small screens



We all love and use free font hosting services (like Google Web Fonts), but I wanted something like that for icon fonts. That's why I created We Love Icon Fonts!

Public beta

This site is for you, the web community. So tt would be awesome if you could test the site and give me feedback. That's the only way for me to improve this project (Thanks in advance).

The future

I will add more fonts/features in the next time.

Hopefully Google (or another big player) adds these open source icon fonts to their free web fonts service in the future.

December 2, 2012